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Erosion is the process of weather breaking down the the environment.  Wind, water, and rain are different ways that the environment can be broken down.  Erosion is a natural process that happens around us every day, but sometimes takes millions of years to observe the repercussions.  One example of a natural environment that has been eroded is the Grand Canyon.  The Colorado River runs through the canyon, which scientist believe took millions of years to eat away at the soil, which later turned into one of the natural wonders of the world.  


Click on the below video to get a brief explanation on how Erosion works.  

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Click on the below video to see visually how water erosion actually works.  


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Classroom Experiments 

This video goes through an excellent experiment to do with your class on erosion.  It walks the students through the process and also includes many key vocabulary terms to help students understand what is happening to the Earth.  Some vocabulary words that may be discussed are slope, stream table, delta, river, etc.  It is suggested that students become familiar with the vocabulary before conducting the experiment.  

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