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Voice Thread

Page history last edited by Che Wei Chang (Jack) 13 years, 8 months ago

Mr. Chang's VoiceThread Math Class Page



Welcome to Mr. Chang's VoiceThread Math Class wiki page. If you are my student, you will find lessons on things we went over in class in case you need to refresh on what we did. You will also find assignments that you might have missed as well. If you are not my student, feel free to look around. You might find some things here useful. All the VoiceThread are either created by myself or from ones that others have created and made for public use.


All the lessons here are created using an online too called VoiceThread. All you need to do is click on the play button to watch the lesson. But, in case you are wondering what is VoiceThread, below is a quick introduction.


What is VoiceThread?



The Online Collaborative Tool


VoiceThread is a very diverse online tool that can be used for a wide variety of purposes from teaching to just simply sharing media with friends and family.


In short VoiceThread is a tool that allows an individual to start an online discussion with the capability to share images, videos, and audio files, and allows the participants to comment and add their own media in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the the users can share the discussion by emailing it, invite others to join, or embedding into other places like a wiki. It can even be exported to mp3 players like an Ipod to be taken on the go. VoiceThread also gives the users the ability to make their discussions private or public to be shared with everyone on the internet.


Instead of giving you a five paragraph essay on what is VoiceThread, below is a VoiceThread explaining what it is and a quick introduction on what it can do with some examples.




Daily Lessons and Assignments


Here you will find what we did daily, and cool stuff I have found. If you missed that day, it also lists the assignment that we did that day.


Day 1:


We learned how to multipy double digit numbers in class today. I found a nice trick that someone made a VoiceThread about. It is nice to use if you like it.



Assignment: Worksheet 1A evens


Day 2:




Remember we talked about different triangles in class today? Well someone out there found different triangles in real life and classified them. Good refresher on the different triangles.



Assignment: Worksheet 1B


Day 3:


Shapes! Remember we covered a bunch of different shapes in class. I found this cool VoiceThread where people went out and found different shapes in real life. See if you can classify them and add to the discussion!



Assignment: Worksheet 1C


Question and Answers


All my students can post their questions using the comment box. I am sure others will have the same questions too. I will put the questions under this section with answers so we can keep them all here for others to see as well!


If you have a VoiceThread account you can add me to your friends list and send me a question using VoiceThread. I will put the VoiceThread here, and I will use the comment feature to answer your questions. This way we can still have class even if we are not at school! If you don't have an account scroll down to the resources section, and you will find information on how to do so and get started with VoiceThread!




If you want to comment and add to VoiceThread here is a couple of tutorial I made to help you register and get started.


VoiceThread Registration


Creating a new VoiceThread, uploading pictures and videos, commenting, and sharing

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