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Voice Thread

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The Free Online Collaborative Tool



What is VoiceThread?


VoiceThread is a very diverse free online tool that can be used for a wide variety of purposes from teaching to just simply sharing media with friends and family.


In short VoiceThread is a tool that allows an individual to start an online discussion with the capability to share images, videos, and audio files, and allows the participants to comment and add their own media in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the the users can share the discussion by emailing it, invite others to join, or embedding into other places like a wiki. It can even be exported to mp3 players like an Ipod to be taken on the go. VoiceThread also gives the users the ability to make their discussions private or public to be shared with everyone on the internet.


Instead of giving you a five paragraph essay on what is VoiceThread, below is a VoiceThread explaining what it is and a quick introductiong on what it can do with some examples.



Below is an example of VoiceThread that I made while working as a Media Lab Manager for CTEL. It includs the use of many of VoiceThread's features:



Educational Uses


VoiceThread is a great tool to be added to any teacher's tecahing arsonal. In fact VoiceThread is already been widely used in the educational community that it has a digital library full of VoiceThread that education professionals has made for various different subjects like math, language arts, history, science etc.


The digital library can be accessed via this link: http://voicethread.com/library/#education


Below are a few examples of how teachers and education professonals are using VoiceThread to enrich their student's learning experiences.


Hisotry Example


This is a VoiceThread the teacher created to teach about the Reconstruction after the Civil War. The teacher created the initial VoiceThread and had each invidual student add to the discussion.



Math Example


The teacher does not have to be the one creating the VoiceThread. Teachers can have the students create their own VoiceThread reteaching concepts to demonstrate understanding and mastery.




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